Hi Shelley,

I want to really thank you for all the hard work and time you have put into helping me. I know other mortgage brokers and banks would have just said “no it won’t work”. When I recommended Danielle to you she thought you were absolutely great as well. I will recommend others to you for sure and hope they aren’t as big of a hassle as me!!! But honestly you went above and beyond, through all my stress and crankiness you were more than wonderful. I really appreciate everything.  I hope you have had a decent time away at your conference and we will chat soon 🙂


Great!  Thank you for all your work on getting this to go ahead for us. I want you to know you played a large roll in giving us a better quality of life without us having to sell the dream home Roger built for us 🙂


Hi Shelley:
I know that Ken has already replied to your email, but I also wanted to send out a big Thank you to you for all you did to make this transition in our life so easy a process. We told Michael how pleased we were with you and your professionalism.  All has gone well, just now checking all accounts for the final payout on my end. That should be done in the next few days.  Thanks again!

Hi Shelley: I think it is fair to say that we have finally completed
our journey of mortgaging. Thank you for your wonderful care
and support while walking us through this. It was so nice getting
to know you and I will highly recommend you to my community.
Have a wonderful summer Shelley.

Blessings, LL.

I just got a letter in the mail saying u made a generous donation on behalf of my and myself and I just wanted to let you know how touched I am. Children are such a huge part of my life and the letter brought a tear to my eye, you really are super amazing.  Thank you!  Talk to you again in four and a half years about our next renewal and hoping you are doing so well.  If you ever need anything please never hesitate to ask.  I am speechless.